• What is coaching?
  • What is the aim of coaching? 
  • Who is coaching for? 
  • Why does coaching work? 
  • What's the difference between coaching and other practices? 
  • Can we coach over Skype? 
  • How do I get coached? 

What is Coaching? 

Coaching is the process of developing, challenging, supporting and capacitating people, personal or professional, in order to reach their full potential with questions and other coaching techniques, in a sustainable manner.

What is the aim of coaching? 

Fundamentally, coaching or ‘being coached’ is about two people (the coach and the client) working together to seek out best solutions and striving to achieve results using a coaching process. 
Setting goals and creating a strategy to achieve desired results. Helping the client achieve results in her focus area, for example health, relationships, finances, career, family etc.

Who is coaching for?

Ultimately everyone has a unique set of needs and coaching is likely to be the most effective and powerful way of helping identify and access the best moves for them. 
So coaching is for people who:
  • feel stuck and want/need to move forward
  • are presented with difficult choices
  • want to change direction
  • want to do better

Why does coaching work? 

Coaching helps people find direction, make decisions and solve problems, in the best possible way for them. The coaching process is designed to work with each individual’s unique needs and circumstances, which ensures solutions and achievements are effective and sustainable.

What's the difference between coaching and other practices? 

Despite being a relatively new discipline, the distinction between coaching and other practices is quite clear. The term itself arose from the means of transport (taking someone from one place to another) and this remains its basic meaning: to bring someone (the client) from A to B. 
Coaching is NOT therapy, counseling, mentoring or consultancy.

Can we coach over Skype?

Yes. In fact, some of my best coaching sessions have been facilitated from the comfort of my clients own home.  It's important to ensure that you are not disturbed or distracted during the session.

How do I get coached?

Simply get in touch. I'll then get in touch with you to schedule an introductory call and discuss how we can work with you.