Visual Recording


    • What is Visual Recording?
    • Where can it be used?
    • What are the different kinds of Visual Recording? 
    • How can I include Visual Recording at my event? 

    What is Visual Recording?

    Visual Recording is the process of taking information – whether from a conversation, someone’s notes or a presentation – and translating it into something visual, engaging and accessible. 
    It is about finding the right mix of text, illustration and design to capture a topic and make it memorable.

    Where can it be used?

    Visual Recording is often provided as a live, on-site service at events. Typical events include conferences, workshops, seminars, organisation retreats, presentations or promotional events. 
    Visual Recording can be used for a variety of purposes. If there is some information to communicate, graphic facilitation can be used to add visuals to the event.

    What are the different kinds of Visual Recording? 

    There are a number of approaches, many of which can be used within the same event, depending upon the scenario and activity. We have grouped them under the following three categories. 
    Visual Scribing + Graphic Recording 
    This is when an artist, or ‘scribe’, listens to a group discussion or a presentation and draws on a big surface, translating talk as it happens. It helps a group follow what has been said and allows everyone’s contributions to be seen. Also, because the drawings can easily be captured for print or web, the group can have a document to refer back to, after the event. 
    Sketchnotes + Visual Notetaking 
    Similar to Visual Scribing + Graphic Recording, this is a form of note taking that uses a mixture of drawings, symbols and text to capture the key messages of a presentation or discussion in an attractive visual format. It is often performed in a sketchbook or notepad, and shared later on the web as a visual record. 
    Big Pictures + Visual Synthesis 
    These are large murals that combine all the ideas and key messages from an event and put them together in an engaging big picture. They can be partially designed and created beforehand and then completed during an event or they can be entirely improvised. They can also be built after an event from the Visual Scribing + Graphic Recording outputs.

    How can I include Visual Recording at my event?

    Get in touch with the dates and some details of the event. I'll then get in touch with you to schedule an introductory call and discuss how we can work together.